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Congratulations on your product’s readiness! Our tailored packaging solutions assure streamlined processes and top-notch protection. Crafted from premium materials, our cosmetic containers exude luxury and reliability for businesses of all sizes. We offer comprehensive packaging services across pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, food and beverage, household, and commercial sectors, with stock and custom options including caps, pumps, and sprayers.



Our Contract Manufacturing services offer a science-led approach to bring your beauty brand’s vision to life. Backed by our GMP certified, ISO certified, and USDA organic certified factors, we ensure the highest quality and safety standards throughout the formulation and manufacturing process. With three distinct options, including Semi-Customization, Formula Re-Creation, and Custom Formulating, we cater to the diverse needs of growing and established brands. Semi-Customization allows for quick product modifications, while Formula Re-Creation ensures stable and scalable formulations based on your existing formulas. For those seeking truly unique products, Custom Formulating provides tailored solutions curated by our experienced product team and cosmetic chemists. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we empower brands to shine in a competitive market.


Taking your products from the lab to the shelf, our Labeling and Filling services complete the journey to success. With our GMP certified, ISO certified, and USDA organic certified factors, you can trust in the integrity of our processes. Custom Filling relieves businesses from bottling hassles, offering standard and unique packaging options for premium presentation. Meanwhile, Custom Labeling ensures compliance with FDA regulations, providing expert guidance and versatile label application methods. Additionally, our kitting service caters to businesses with boxed sets, simplifying the process for selling gift boxes and sample packs. For swift market entry, the Ready to Label option offers proven, pre-bottled formulas, saving time and effort while delivering exceptional beauty products.


Private Labeling - Building Premium Brands

Our Private Labeling services lay a solid foundation for brands seeking to establish themselves as premium players in the industry. With our GMP certified, ISO certified, and USDA organic certified factors, you can confidently develop your exclusive line of high-quality beauty products. Backed by ethical and sustainable practices, our Cruelty-Free products cater to conscious consumers, promoting responsible choices while adhering to rigorous quality standards. Seasonality tips help businesses navigate demand fluctuations, ensuring continuous success throughout the year. Lastly, Creating Content empowers brands to engage with customers through valuable content, fostering lasting relationships and brand loyalty in the digital era. With a focus on uniqueness, ethics, and quality, our Private Labeling services empower brands to stand out and make a meaningful impact on the market.


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