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Contract Manufacturing and Custom Formulating

Our Contract Manufacturing services offer a science-led approach to bring your beauty brand’s vision to life. With our FDA, GMP, ISO, and USDA organic certifications, we ensure the highest quality and safety standards. Choose from three options—Semi-Customization, Your Formula Re-Creation, and Custom Formulating—to meet your brand’s needs. Semi-Customization allows quick modifications, while Formula Re-Creation ensures stable, scalable formulations. For unique products, Custom Formulating offers tailored solutions by our experienced team. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we empower brands to shine in the market.

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Get ahead with our semi-customization service. Ideal for swiftly growing beauty brands, it enables you to expand your product line without starting from scratch. Choose from our formulations and collaborate with our team to customize the formula to meet your demands, and successfully launch your brand.



Ready to scale up your formula? Our re-creation service ensures your existing formula is stable and ready for bulk production. Collaborate with our lab experts to refine your formula, using ingredients that suit your budget and enhance its performance.



Bring your vision to life with our custom formulating service. Our experienced team will collaborate with you to create a unique product tailored to your brand from scratch. From concept to creation, we’ll ensure your product stands out in the market and resonates with consumers.


Contract Manufacturing

Look and feel of your hair

All natural Avocado oil is not only a delicious, healthy fruit, beneficial for the skin, but it has incredible qualities for the hair as well. Avocado oil in hair has numerous benefits of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties which makes it one of the best choices for the hair care regime. It helps in promoting the shine, luster, and treats the anti-frizz problems of hair. It becomes fruitful for the hair due to the presence of antioxidants, essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins A, B-5, E, and minerals.

Contract Manufacturing

You Have A Great Opportunity

At Cocojojo, we empower you with the freedom to craft bespoke products that perfectly align with today’s ever-evolving trends. We understand that every individual has unique needs and desires, and we are committed to providing you with a customizable experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional beauty.

Contract Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing

Coconut Oil for hair

Lush, shiny and manageable healthy hair is everyone’s desire. We are willing to go through so much to have the hair of our dreams. Getting spa treatments, paying regular visits to the hair salon or even going to a trichologist. But all of it is in vain if you are not taking basic care of your hair and ruining it by using too much of heat styling tools and commercial products.

With our Contract Manufacturing services, you’re not just getting a product – you’re gaining a partnership with a team dedicated to your success. 

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