Eyebrow Threading Machine With natural Cotton Thread


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Eyebrow Threading Machine With natural Cotton Thread

This hair removal machine is designed for removing unwanted hair from eyebrows – face – lips – chin and even hands – legs and bikini area (Shaping eyebrows needs some experience , we recommend you to practice on face and hands first)

COCOJOJO Threading machine kit include 1 machine + Special natural thread + Special pull face powder + How to use booklet + 110-220 Volt adapter

Very easy and very safe and does not cause irritation. An easy simple machine to remove hair from eyebrows and face without any effort and it is very easy to use at home also esthetician can use in salons.
Steps to pluck your eyebrows so that you will get the right shape

Step 1- What you will first need to do is wash your face to remove dirt and oils from your skin. Then apply pull face special powder.

Step 2- Then you will need to start to take of extra hairs off of your eyebrows the ones which stick out and have nothing to do with your eyebrow. Make sure that you only first take the ones which you do not need.

Step 3- After get a clean tissue and wipe off all of the hair so that you will able to see which hairs are plucked and which are not. Then get a pair of scissors which is made for eyebrow shaping and then make sure that you only cut off the bits which need to be cut off.

Step 4- Then you will need to pluck off any strands of hair which are not looking good make sure that you spend a bit of time and you take off the ones which you do not need.

Disclaimers:This machine is fast and it is perfect to completely remove hair from face and eyebrows BUT if you want to design or reshape eyebrows PLEASE NOTE that you need some experience and you will not be able to do from the first time.