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Pure sea buckthorn oil as we commonly refer to it whenever it is brought up around us these days, is one of the best known and the most powerful oils because of what it offers for the skin, and because of the rich supply of nutrients and vitamins it has. Which may or may not bring you to a frequently asked question: how to use sea buckthorn oil for face?


Sea buckthorn oil is gotten from Hippophae rhamnoides, which is normally known as the ocean buckthorn. It is a blossoming bush which gives birth to orange shaded berries. This splendid orange shade of the berries is an indication of high carotenoid content in them, much the same as carrots. 

The oil of ocean buckthorn is extricated from the meaty organic product or seeds of ocean buckthorn berries, and not the actual sea, as the name suggests. It is commonly confused for being an essential oil, when in reality, it is actually a carrier oil. Pure sea buckthorn oil includes upwards of 200 supplements which make it unfathomably supporting to skin cells.


best sea buckthorn oilLet us just say that the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for skin are endless. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who questions how to use it for face. We also have found ourselves standing in front of the mirrors in our rooms, while trying to look for imperfections in our faces and thinking of the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for skin and wondering how to use sea buckthorn oil for face. For that exact same reason, here is a list of all the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for skin:

  • This oil is remarkable for hydrating of the skin, especially if your skin is extremely dry. You should seriously think about considering pure sea buckthorn oil for your skin if you suffer from having overly dry skin or having flaky skin that peels off when the weather is too extreme. 
  • Another addition to the benefits of sea buckthorn oil for skin is that if your skin feels unhealthy or grimy in any way, this is the incredible oil that is good at promoting skin health and well-being. 
  • Sea buckthorn oil is very good for those who are a little concerned about the complexion of their skin. If your skin is too dark for your liking (which you should not be stressing over, because darling, every skin color is beautiful) then application of sea buckthorn oil on your skin may help you in lightening your complexion just a tiny bit. 
  • Use it to treat and prevent acne – whether it is hormonal, seasonal or cystic, one of the biggest benefits for skin is that it helps with conditions such as acne.
  • Another answer for how to use sea buckthorn oil for face is that it is rich in antioxidants and protects your skin cells from damage of all kinds. 

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