What are the benefits of Cedar Wood Hydrosol

What is Cedar Wood Hydrosol?

Cedar wood comes from the tree known as cedar. There are many different types of cedar trees which are grown around the world. All of them have multiple different uses. The cedar wood used to make essential oils and hydrosols is more commonly known as the Cedar Himalayan or Deodar. There are many benefits of cedar wood hydrosol that may help improve your every day life.

benefits of cedar wood hydrosolCedar wood started being used for cosmetic purposes by the Egyptians. Egyptians and Greeks also used them to burn in temples. Cedar wood was also commonly used to help with breathing problems in Lebanon. The French believe that cedar wood has properties that help reduce hair loss and helps nourish the hair., which is why they are known to add cedar wood to their hair care products.

The cedar wood hydrosol is made during the steam distillation process of its essential oil. The water. which is a by-product from the essential oil process, contains all the therapeutic properties of cedar wood as well as its uplifting scent.

Here are a few uses and benefits of cedar wood hydrosol:

  • Easy Breathing

Cedar wood, since the ancient times, has been used to avoid and help with breathing problems. Cedar wood used to be burnt to help with the breathing problems. Now, an easier alternative exists which is the cedar wood hydrosol. Spritz cedar wood hydrosol in your room or on your face and inhale it for a while. It will help get rid of a blocked nose.

  • Bath And Aromatherapy

The scent of cedar wood hydrosol is known to have a therapeutic, calming and relaxing effect on the mind. Inhaling it helps release the tension from your muscles and gets rid of the stress you feel, which is why it is popularly used during aromatherapy. You can even add a splash of cedar wood hydrosol to your bath water and soak in it for half an hour or so. It gives your body a fresh and musky scent as well.

  • Air Freshener And Insect Repellent

Spray cedar wood hydrosol in your house or car as an air freshener. It not only gives its musky and fresh scent, it’ll help make the environment of the house and car more homey, cool, calming and relaxing. You can even meditate when inhaling the scent as it covers the house. Plus, cedar wood is known to be an insect repellent. When you spray cedar wood hydrosol, not only will it give you its fresh scent, but it will also keep the pesky insects at bay.

Cedar wood hydrosols are completely safe to use. It should not cause any allergy to you or your kids and pets. With all these benefits of cedar wood hydrosol, you should consider trying it out today!

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