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Cocojojo is offering tutorial videos for face , body treatment and sugaring body and bikini hair removal, a simple natural way to remove unwanted hair using sweet sugar wax. Ancient Egyptian art of body sugaring is a method of hair removal practiced in ancient Egypt by using water, honey and sugar to remove hair follicle from the root of the body and bikini. The result from this treatment can last until seven-nine weeks. COCOJOJO Sugaring can take out large amount of hair at once, even faster than waxing. COCOJOJO Sugaring work faster by applying paste to a very large area, and it won’t dry out, even if you take it off in smaller sections. COCOJOJO Sweet Sugaring is also easy to clean up

How To Use:
Warm of the quantity so make half of the time. Do not overheated. Test the sugaring to don’t hurt yourself. (Do not heat over 120° F.).Remember sugaring Texture after warming should be like hard honey. your skin should be completely clean and dry . (Skin should be without creams or lotions).
You may remove your underarm and bikini hair in front of a mirror to see where to apply the sugaring.


1- This video is showing 3 Techniques for Sugaring Hair Removal using the standard hard sugaring

2- How to do sugaring in spa or for another person

3- How to use sugaring wax at home step by step

4- Sugaring in garden

5- How to use strips

6- how to use the spatula technique

Green coffee cellulite body wrap is an effective 100% natural natural preservative free treatment to combat cellulite. This powerful diuretic action aids break down of adipose tissue, activating maximum hydration and firmness, while thoroughly hydrating and deeply moisturising the skin.

7- This video will learn you how to treat cellulite with 100% natural product

8- Threading now is very easy using cocojojo threading electrical machine


9- A video showing how to use the solid sugaring

10- How to do a facial herbal mask treatment to water

11- How to do hand mask treatment to water

12- cocojojo advertising video showing a lot of treatment

13- how to mix herbal masks to water

14- Emu oil

15- Cocojojo Massage oil

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