Common questions & customer reviews

Formulas we do:

  • Skin care products including
    moisturizers, lotions, butters, masks, cleansers, shower gels, toners,
  • Hair care products including shampoos,
    conditioner, hair styling products (hair gels, pomades)
  • USDA Organic products
  • Nail treatment
  • Pets care includes shampoos, conditioner,
    moisturizers, lotions.

Formulas we don’t do:

  • Color cosmetics, oral care products,
    insect repellents, hair dyes
  • Products involving gases (e.g.,
    hair styling sprays and other aerosols)


Q:  How long we have been in business?

A: We are a consortium of companies originating overseas, established in 1889, and have been operating within the United States since 2010.


Q: Can Existing Formulas Be Modified?

A: Yes, existing formulas can be modified to suit new requirements, including adjusting ingredients, textures, and fragrances.


Q: Can you manufacture organic products?

A: We are a USDA certified facility, and we hold an organic manufacturer’s certification. Our R&D department has experience creating organic formulations.


Q: What is Private Label Manufacturing?

A: Private label manufacturing involves producing goods under one company’s brand name but manufactured by another company. Businesses can sell these products, developed, and manufactured by specialists, under their own brand, ensuring quality without the need to manage production processes.


Q: How Does the Private Labeling Process Work?

A: The process typically begins with a client choosing a product from our existing lineup, followed by selecting packaging, and deciding on branding elements. After agreeing on terms, production begins to deliver the product that is ready to be marketed under your own brand.


Q: Can I Customize the Formulations of the Products?

A: Yes, we offer options for custom formulations, allowing you to create a product that meets your specifications and target demographic. Our team will work with you to develop a unique formula that aligns with your brand.


Q: Can you take a product I am currently making elsewhere and reproduce it?

A: Yes, and we just need just a sample and an ingredient deck, we don’t fully reverse engineer a product but instead formulate a product with similar properties.

Q: Can I Visit Your Manufacturing Facility?

A: Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate any factory visits. Our manufacturing facilities adhere to stringent regulatory compliance and quality control protocols to ensure the safety, quality, and integrity of our products. Visiting our factory is restricted to safeguard our production environment and adhere to our internal policies.


Q: What Happens if There is an Issue with My Order?

A: Customer satisfaction is our priority. If there are any issues with your order, please contact your account manager immediately, and we will work diligently to resolve the matter promptly and effectively.


Q: Can I Have Exclusivity for My Custom Formulated Product?

A: We can discuss and agree upon exclusivity terms for custom formulations, ensuring that your unique product remains exclusive to your brand in the agreed-upon markets.


Q: Is There a Guarantee on Product Stability and Shelf Life?

A: Yes, our products undergo rigorous stability testing to ensure a consistent shelf life, and all products are backed by our quality guarantee.


Q: Can I Start with a Smaller Order to Test the Market?

A: We do offer options for smaller initial orders to allow businesses to test the market, with scalable solutions as your needs grow.


Q: Can My Product Be Manufactured in Different Sizes or Formats?

A: Absolutely, we can manufacture your product in various sizes and formats based on your market needs and packaging preferences.


Q: How Are Products Shipped and How Is Shipping Cost Calculated?

A: Products are shipped via USPS, UPS, FedEx or trucks, and shipping costs are calculated based on weight, dimensions, and destination.


Q: Do You Offer Drop Shipping Services?

A: Yes, we offer drop shipping services, facilitating direct delivery to your customers with your branding.


Q: How Do You Ensure the Consistency of My Product with Each Batch?

A: Through stringent quality control and precise manufacturing processes, we ensure that every batch adheres to the defined specifications and maintains consistent quality.


Q: Do You Use Sustainable Practices in Manufacturing?

A: Yes, we employ sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste, to lessen our environmental impact.


Q: What Is the Process for Developing a New Formula?

A: Developing a new formula involves identifying your product requirements, iterative testing, and refining, followed by stability and safety testing before moving to production.


Q: Can I Be Involved in the Formulation Process?

A: Due to liability concerns, we do not allow clients to visit our lab. We will, however, be completely transparent and maintain clear communication every step of the way.


Q: What Is Your Policy on Confidentiality and Intellectual Property?

A: We take confidentiality and intellectual property seriously, ensuring all client information and proprietary formulas are securely protected.


Q: Can You Facilitate Large-Scale Production as My Brand Grows?

A: Certainly, we are equipped to scale production quantities to accommodate your brand’s growth and increasing demand.


Q: How Do I Place a Repeat Order and What Is the Lead Time?

A: Repeat orders can be placed through your account manager, and lead times will be communicated based on current production schedules and any modifications to the product.


Q: Are you FDA compliant?

A: Yes, we are.


Q: What is the R&D (research & development) costs?

A: Pricing depends on the type of product and complexity and time requirements to create a formula. Price varies between $1500 to $4500 per formula.


Q: Do you offer a line of credit?

A: No.


Q: What’s the minimum quantity of a product that I can order?

A: As few as 2,500 units of a product. In circumstances where higher quantities of packaging are required, Cosmetic Laboratories will still fill as few as 2,500 units and the extra packaging can be stored for future fills.


Q: Do you offer volume discounts?

A: Yes, We offer price per unit discounts at quantities of 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 250,000 units.


Q: Do you manufacture color cosmetic products?

A: Unfortunately, we do not manufacture color cosmetics.


Q: How long does it take to receive my initial custom formulated samples?

A: It can vary but it typically takes 15 business days.


Q: How long is the process, starting with R&D and ending with final product?

A: The process can vary depending on many factors. However, for one or two products with easy formulation and stock packaging, you can expect to have the finished product within 3-4 months. Lead times for normal re-orders would be approximately 6-12 weeks.


Q: Are my products covered by insurance?

A: Yes, covered under a $2 million broad form liability insurance policy at no additional cost to you. A copy of your certificate can be submitted to you at your request after your first order.


Q: Do you manufacture OTC products?

A: Yes, we do.


Q: How long should my finished product last?

A: One year from the time of manufacture.  However, many products will last well beyond that timeframe, even 2 to 3 years or more.


Q: Are the formulas that you produce for me protected?

A: All formulas are custom and exclusive for each customer. We do not duplicate exact formulas for other clients unless you choose an existing formula.


Q: Do you have fulfillment capabilities?

A: Yes, we can provide references upon request.


Q: Does my turnkey price include everything, or are there any hidden fees?

A: Turnkey pricing per completed unit usually includes manufacture and fill of the product, container, and decoration. Additional fees may include art charges (graphic design, logo, art plate charges), requests for special labor (shrink wrapping, packing in smaller unit quantities, etc.) and shipping charges once your order is complete. However, any additional costs are minimal and will be explained to you at the time of order.


Q: How do I go about getting a UPC bar code on my products?

A: To obtain a barcode prefix, you must register your company with the Uniform Barcode Council. After you have received your barcode information, we can insert the codes into your artwork.


Q: Can I visit your lab during the R&D or during manufacturing my product?

A: Due to liability concerns, we do not allow clients to visit our lab or factory. We will, however, be completely transparent and maintain clear communication every step of the way.


Q: Do I need to trademark my company logo?

A: We recommend that your product brand be trademarked for your protection.


Q: I have a California Resale Certificate; can I submit to avoid paying sales tax?

A: Yes, please email your Resale Certificate to your account manager for approval.


Q: Can I return items I don’t want?

A: No. Please Order Carefully as once your order is placed, it cannot be amended. All sales are final. 


Q: Are your products tested on animals?

A: We are proud to offer cruelty-free products. We never ever test on animals and we choose ingredients from companies that do not perform animal testing either.


Q: Are Your Beauty products safe?

A: The safety and efficacy of our products is our primary concern. We follow all FDA guidelines and constantly review ingredient information and testing data.


Q: How Do You Ensure Product Quality and Consistency?

A: We adhere to stringent quality control processes, ensuring that every product that leaves our manufacturing facility meets established standards. Consistency is maintained through meticulous monitoring and testing during production.


Q: Can You Assist with Packaging and Label FDA compliance ?

A: Absolutely! We have an in-house team that can assist you in developing packaging and labels FDA compliance. 


Q: What is the Lead Time for Production?

A: Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the product, order quantity, and existing production schedules. We aim to provide an estimated production timeline upon finalizing order details.


Q: Do You Offer International Shipping?

A: Yes, we provide international shipping options and will coordinate with you to ensure that your products are delivered according to your preferred timelines and budget.


Q: Is Your Manufacturing Facility Certified?

A: Yes, our manufacturing facility adheres to all necessary certifications and compliances, ensuring the products are developed in a safe and regulated environment. Specific certifications can be shared upon request.


Q: How Do I Get Started with My Private Label Product?

A: Getting started is easy! Contact our sales team to discuss your product ideas, specifications, and branding requirements. We’ll guide you through the process, from initial concept to final production.


Q: Are Your Products Cruelty-Free and/or Vegan?

A: Yes, we prioritize ethical practices and can provide a range of products that are cruelty-free and/or vegan. We adhere to strict standards to ensure no animals are harmed in our production processes.


Q: What Support Do You Offer After the Product is Launched?

A: We provide ongoing support in terms of product quality assurance and are available to discuss any concerns or additional requirements you may have post-launch.


Q: Can You Help with Regulatory Compliance and Certification for My Products?

A: Yes, we can assist in ensuring that your product adheres to regulatory standards and help facilitate obtaining the necessary certifications for your market.


Q: Do You Offer Sample Products for Testing?

A: Absolutely! We can provide samples for your evaluation to ensure that the products meet your expectations and requirements before placing a larger order. Samples are provided with any existing order.


Q: How is Pricing Determined for Private Label Products?

A: Pricing is determined based on various factors such as the chosen product, formulation complexity, packaging type, and order quantity. Detailed pricing will be discussed and agreed upon before confirming the order.


Q: Who are your private label clients?

A: Our private label skin care and cosmetics clients are vast and varied from spas to online retailers. We cannot reveal any client names, as they are private and confidential.




Private Label Manufacturers:

We have formulas, and you choose from them. The stock formulas can usually be slightly modified.

Pros: This is the fastest way for product development and to bring your product to market. There are no products development costs. There are low minimums on your products.

Cons: You don’t own the formula.


Contract Manufacturer:

Contract manufacturers manufacture from a formula you own.

Pros: You own the formula.

Cons: It is more expensive to have a custom formula developed and it takes more time for product development and longer to market.  Higher minimums are usually required.



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