Orange Hydrosol benefits and how to use

Orange Hydrosol benefits and how to useThis delicious, sweet and tangy fruit belongs to the citrus family. The botanical name for orange is Citrus Sinensis. It is a hybrid between a mandarin and pomelo. Oranges have been mentioned in Chinese Literature as far back as 314 BC. Orange trees are also the most cultivated fruit trees in the world.

Not only the fruit of the orange is beneficial, so is its zest! In fact, the zest contains many beneficial oils which benefit not only your skin and body but also your mind. Oranges are used for culinary purposes as well. They also have medicinal properties and are especially beneficial for the skin.

The essential oils and hydrosols of an orange are extracted from its peel. The hydrosol, in particular, is extracted during the steam distillation process of the essential oil. It is just plain water with all the added benefits of the orange.

Here are some of the uses and benefits of orange hydrosol:

  • Benefits For The Skin

The orange skin normally has a lot of content of citrus acid. This citrus acid is also transferred into the hydrosol. The citrus acid in the orange hydrosol is very effective for exfoliating the skin. By spraying the orange hydrosol and rubbing with a microfiber clothe or towel, it gets rid of excess oil on your face. Hence, it acts as an effective natural cleanser. It also helps get rid of the grime and dirt on your face. Plus, the vitamin C in the orange hydrosol helps to keep your skin looking fresh and makes it softer and more supple. You can use orange hydrosol as it is or you can add it in lotions or creams.

  • Pleasant Smell For Aromatherapy

Orange hydrosols have a very sweet, citrusy and tangy smell just like the taste of its fruit. This sweet aroma is said to be great for aromatherapy. The smell helps relax and calm the mind and muscles. It is known to uplift your mood. You can add orange hydrosol to your bath water and soak in it.

  • Aphrodisiac Properties

Just like Neroli hydrosol, orange hydrosol also has aphrodisiac properties. Orange hydrosol helps to sexually arouse people and increase their libido.

  • Air Freshener And Body Mist

Orange hydrosols are great to use as an air freshener if you love the smell of oranges or the smell of citrus. They help energize the environment in your house. Moreover you can even use it on your body as a body mist or deodorant.

Before using Orange hydrosol on skin, always do a patch test before use. We also advise asking your doctor as the citrus in orange hydrosol can cause a reaction to those with citrus allergies or for those with sensitive skin.

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