Jojoba Beard Oil


Movember has ended but many have grew fond of their facial hair. Beards can be a very nice feature on a man but it requires maintenance. Keep that new beard looking good with a simple and natural beard oil.


This beard oil recipe will provide great nourishment to any beard or mustache. It is filled with nourishing oils to maintain elasticity, softness and moisture.


Raw Material Weight %
Jojoba Oil 55.00
Black Castor Oil 35.50
Argan Oil 8.00
Vitamin E Oil 1.50
Peppermint Essential Oil 0.50


What your going to need:

Clean beaker or bowl

Glass amber bottle with dropper



Combine all of the ingredients together in a clean beaker or bowl. Stir the mixture together until completely blended. Package into glass bottle for easy distribution.

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