We all know how using oils on faces sounds to some people. Some get so excited to share their experiences, there faces literally light up. Others move away in disgust as they recall all the bad things they’ve heard about facial oils. Let’s set the debate today. Are oils really good for your face? More importantly, we’ve all heard the almond oil benefits for skin but is sweet almond oil good for your face?


100% natural sweet, or pure, unrefined almond oil comes from the cold pressing of raw almonds with the least amount of heat possible. It is native to some place in the Middle East, but these days it can be found growing massively in California.

Whenever it is mentioned, people can often be seen wondering: is sweet almond oil good for your face? Today we’ll tell you its benefits for skin.

100% natural sweet almond oil consists of vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin E, proteins, zinc, potassium and mono saturated fatty acids and a number of other nutrients and vitamins; and is famous for being one of the best oils in the market that can be applied to your face without harming it in any way.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who keeps asking themselves: is sweet almond oil good for your face? To answer your question, here are some almond oil benefits for skin:

  • 100% natural sweet almond oil is a remarkably soft and mild oil, which makes it safe, even for a baby’s soft bum.
  • When applied to the face, pure, unrefined almond oil gets completely absorbed into the skin and leaves almost no residue. Congratulations, you no longer look like a grease factory!
  • It is extremely light in nature, which makes it easier to get absorbed. This absorption leads to all the impurities, grime, blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, ingrown hair being pulled out from their roots, which leaves your face squeaky clean.
  • Its benefits for skin include it being a remarkable remedy for dark circles. Just apply it under your eyes every night for two weeks and see a difference.
  • It is extremely good at dealing with skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. It doesn’t fully cure them, but can help with a few symptoms.
  • Since pure, unrefined almond oil is a hypoallergenic oil, it helps remarkably when it comes to wanting to reduce body itching. Just gently massage the affected area for a few minutes and watch it soothe down.
  • Still wondering is sweet almond oil good for your face? Honey, it has the power to reduce all signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, flaking of skin, etc.
  • Other almond oil benefits for skin include getting rid of dry skin as it is a highly moisturizing oil.

Well, what’re you waiting for? Add some sweet almond oil to your skincare regimen now!


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