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Most essential oils are extracted using distillation or mechanical cold-press of plants and other raw materials. Once the production process is complete, the oil sometimes can get denatured by heat, oxygen and even sunlight. We consider all these factors when choosing the bottle for our essential oils. After producing a pure essential oil from our factory, we strive to make sure that whatever gets to our clients is in perfect condition after delivery and during usage.


Here at CocoJoJo, we consider some factors before choosing the ideal type of bottles that we use to sell our pure essential oils. Some of them are;


How the oil is applied

We have several bottle types that we use depending on the way the essential oil is normally used. Essential oils can be packaged in a bottle that has a dropper inside for accurate measurement. For oils that are generally in massage, they may be bottled with a dabber or a roll-on system for easy application when being used. All bottles used, regardless of the type are all easy to pour and


Bottle color

Most essential oils are produced in colored glass bottles because the dark color protects the oils from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even though some essential oils are coloured, it may not make sense to put them in clear bottles. Essential oils can be stored in small bottle sizes like 5ml and 10ml and dispensed using droppers or pipettes.


Durable bottles

We use high-quality glass for all the packaging which are guaranteed to be durable enough to maintain the purity of the oils stored inside. We understand that the importance of hassle-free transportation and storage. Using the right bottles also helps reduce overhead costs as this means less returns or damage in transit.


Store with care

We bottle all our essential oils with the best bottles. However, do not store your essential oils near high temperatures.

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