What is Biotin?

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin which is naturally produced in the body. It belongs to the vitamin B family, but it can also known as vitamin H. In the body, Biotin converts the food you eat into energy. It plays a very crucial role in the health of your skin, hair and nails. 

Biotin deficiency is very rare, however, those who do experience biotin deficiency may experience hair loss, red rashes, and dryness. In this case, the benefits of using biotin would be greater than for those without a deficiency. Biotin is known to improve the keratin in your hair, and so many people use biotin conditioner for softer, healthier hair.

However, there is not enough research to know what effect and role biotin plays for the hair. Researchers are unsure of its effects, benefits or detriments for the hair. There is not enough evidence to prove that biotin increases hair growth. Still, many people are trying to increase their intake of biotin because they strongly believe that biotin helps the hair. There are a few benefits of using biotin conditioner for softer, healthier hair.

Use Biotin conditioner for softer, healthier hair

Hair Regrowth
Although, as already said, there are no solid results as to whether biotin conditioners increase hair growth, it does help with hair regrowth. However, keep in mind that it only helps with hair regrowth in people with a great percentage of hair loss and hair thinning. Otherwise, the excess biotin from the conditioner may flush out through your urine. It is difficult to see the benefits of using biotin if you do not have a biotin deficiency.

Fuller Hair
Biotin conditioners have the same benefits as when you ingest biotin. They help make your hair softer, shinier and give your hair a fuller look. Making your hair fuller is the only solid benefit that biotin conditioners have. If nothing else, you can count on biotin conditioners in giving your hair a fuller look instantly and giving it a much shinier look.

Hair Strengthening
Again, there is limited research as to whether biotin conditioners help strengthen hair. However many people swear that it can help strengthen hair follicles and provide a good shine on them. It also helps the hair get moisture and helps retain the moisture. This, in turn, also helps make the hair elastic and strong.

Using biotin conditioners or biotin shampoos and supplements does no excessive harm to your body. There is unlikely to be an overdose due to biotin because excess biotin tends to flush out from your urine. However, always consult your doctor before taking too many biotin supplements or applying biotin conditioners and shampoos.

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