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Benefits of Pure Argan Oil

what are the benefit of Pure Argan Oil? Argan oil has the well-deserved title of ‘Liquid Gold’. The Argan tree itself is called the Tree Of Life. Argan oil is made only in Morocco. It cannot be grown in any other part of the world. Which is why it is an expensive oil and a national treasure for Morocco. Unrefined Argan Oil caught the eye of scientists who conducted studies about its usefulness and found out about why it is known as the Liquid Gold.

Natives of Morocco have been extracting the oil from the Argan fruit since a long time. Mostly to apply on the skin and hair to nourish it. Nowadays, men and women alike, have been using Argan oil for skin and hairs for helping in infections and diseases.

Some benefits of this oil are chemicals such as Palmetic, Linolenic , Stearic , etc. And it has multiple uses, it can be used for cosmetic, medicinal or culinary purposes!

Here are a few benefits of Pure Argan Oil:

Correcting Sebum Level

People in Morocco have been using Argan oil to get rid of oily skin because of many great skin benefits. Wondering how an oil can help get rid of oily skin?

Our skin produces an oily substance called sebum which causes our skin to become water proof. Sebum is supposed to be beneficial, it helps you avoid sunburns or any other kind of injuries. However the amount of pollution and the unhealthy foods people consume has confused the sebum levels in the skin. It has either been causing too much sebum which causes blackheads and other skin problems, or too little sebum which can cause dryness, scratches and redness.

Unlike other oils, another pure Argan oil skins benefits is it gets absorbed into the skin easily. It levels the sebum glands rather than confuses them. In a study carried out in 2003 about Argan oil skin benefits, researchers found that people who applied Argan oil regularly on their skin, their sebum levels improved up to 95% and the marks on their faces reduced by 42%.

Skin Rejuvenation and Elasticity

Moisture loss is one of the main reasons why the skin becomes dull. Because collagen is lost. Moroccan women, because they worked in the sun for too long, used Argan oil for skin. It contains omega 9 and Vitamin E which helped them keep their skin hydrated and flexible and this is another Argan oil benefits.

This oil can be added into creams, lotions or even shampoos because it can even benefit your hair! The benefits of pure Argan oil are endless! It has multiple uses and deserves the title of Liquid Gold.

Argan oil for hair benefits:

Beside Argan oil skin benefits, there are many great benefits for hair too. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E which can help your hair follicles improve their health and promote their growth, also this oil for hair can be able to tame even the frizziest hair and even eliminate split ends. As Argan oil is a rich resource of sebum it can help to help soothe inflamed scalp, reduce itchiness and redness, and keep it clear.

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