Benefits of Camellia Seed OilWhat is Camellia seed oil?

Camellia seed oil is extracted from camillia oleifera plants which are native to South East Asia in China. Also known as tea seed oil or green tea oil, this oil was used for culinary purposes because of its resistance to high temperatures. It is still used for culinary purposes but other benefits of camellia seed oil have been discovered such as the ability of this oil to keep your skin fresh and hair strengthened. 

This oil has many varieties such as camillia oleifera, camillia japonica and camillia sinensis. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the camillia oleifera plant seeds. This retains almost all of the beneficial and nutritional value of the plant/seeds. Unrefined camellia seed oil is loaded with palmitic and omega-6 linoleic acids and omega-9 oleic acids.

Here are a few benefits of camellia seed oil:

  • Brightens Skin

Camellia seed oil is easily absorbed into the skin and it does not leave a greasy feeling. Instead, it locks in the moisture. This oil may help in getting rid of dead skin cells and encourage the growth of fresh skin cells for soft and smooth skin. Oleic acid in this oil is known to do just that.

Moreover, it can aid in reducing the appearance of scars and marks. It could also be effective in encouraging skin elasticity. It has been used by the Japanese in helping and aiding with multiple skin-related problems.

  • Strengthens Hair

The Japanese have also used camellia seed oil to nourish their hair and give them life. This oil is known to benefit the hair by massaging the oil into the scalp. This leaves the hair with a silky and smooth sheen, as well as soften it.

Camellia seed oil has also been used by the Japanese in reducing split ends, preventing hair fall and dry scalp as well. This oil could be a very natural way of helping with damage caused by coloring the hair too much or using straightening or curling appliances.

  • Healthy Nails

Camellia seed oil has moisturizing properties. It could be of use in helping to fight off dryness near the nails and help give the nails a shiny glossy look. Maintaining healthy nails with Camellia seed oil by regularly massaging it on your nail bed.

There exist a variety of camellia seed oils, all with different benefits. But the ones mentioned are generalized in every variety.

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