Benefits and uses of Lavender Hydrosol

Benefits and uses of Lavender HydrosolLavender hydrosol is known by many names. Lavender linen water, lavender mist, lavender spray and floral water. It is produced during the essential oil distillation process. The essential oil and the extracted water are separated from each other. The water which is extracted has all of the nutrients and benefits from the lavender plant. 

Lavender hydrosol does not have a strong smell. It is light, pleasant which is why it is also known as lavender spray. It can effectively be used to give your house or clothes a pleasant smell. 

Top Benefits and uses of Lavender Hydrosol:

  • Air Freshener

Many air fresheners tend to contain harmful chemicals and a very strong overpowering smell. Lavender hydrosol is a much more practical and safe option to use to deodorize your house. It doesn’t have an intense smell and helps to create a friendlier environment in your home or even your car. 

  • Distilled Water For Ironing

Steam irons require water to function and iron your clothes. However, water usually contains minerals. There may be a mineral build up on the iron which may cause the steam to escape ineffectively. This may cause your steam iron to stop functioning. Distilled water, especially lavender hydrosol, are recommended to be added to the steam iron. There is no mineral build up. With lavender hydrosol, you can give your clothes a beautiful and fresh smelling scent as well!

  • Aromatherapy and Baths

Essential oils are basically recommended for use in aromatherapy. However, using lavender hydrosol is just as effective. Its smell has a relaxing effect and it can effectively help get rid of stress and soothe tense muscles. It even moisturizes your skin. All you have to do is add it to your bathwater and soak in it.

  • For Cleaning Purposes

Cleaning products usually contain a lot of chemicals. Most of them are even harmful for the user which many people don’t realize. They even have a strong , intense and displeasing smell. For something more effective, lavender hydrosol is great for cleaning. It can add a shine to your counter tops and cabinets and is great for cleaning windows. The best part is that it leaves your house smelling fresh and flowery.

  • Face Toner

At this day and age, every day the cosmetic industry comes up with new products for skin care. All of them claim to be helpful for your skin. However the reality is far from that. Some may either end up worsening your skin situation or may cause new skin problem such as acne and scars. To avoid such results, use lavender hydrosol as a face toner. It is a natural and effective remedy. 

You can use lavender hydrosol as a body mist spray, add it to your night creams and lotions, spray it in your face or house or even make your very own facial wash with it! It is extremely multi-purpose and safe.

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