Advantages Of Chia Seed Oil Unrefined

Advantages Of Chia Seed Oil Unrefined

Most of the people are looking for some product that can cure all the skin problems they face every day. They go out in the market, get a product which they saw their favorite celebrity holding on TV. The very next moment when they use it, it does not help them at all. In this post, we are going to tell you about an effective solution for skin problems, Chia seed oil unrefined. It has a surprise for all the people suffering from skin problem out there. Continue reading to know more about the benefits of Chia seed oil.

The Benefits and Usage


For people who want to have a youthful skin, they can try using Chia Seed Oil. Try this serum recipe below:

Face Serum:

1 tbsp Argan Oil
1 tbsp Pricky Pear Oil
1 tbsp Watermelon Seed Oil
1 tbsp Chia Seed Oil

After mixing all these oils, add four drops of Frankincense oil, Sandalwood Oil, Geranium Oil, Lemon Oil and 2 drops of Rose oil. Then, pour the serum in a bottle and shake it well so that it mixes up. Apply the serum on your face every night. This will repair your skin cells and speed up the production of collagen.

Furthermore, Chia seed oil unrefined is a lightweight moisturizer. It means it can be helpful during the summer days. It will prevent your skin from getting hot and sweaty.

For people who have scars, acne and dark spots on their skin they can apply Chia seed oil on their skin as well. Just use your finger (make sure that you clean it) and apply it on the spot where you have the problem.


Chia seed oil unrefined is a protein and zinc rich oil. These are the minerals that are good for the health of your hair. They help in the production of new hair cells that fasten up the growth of your hair. You can use it before combing your hair to get a shiny look or you can apply it after having a shower. It works as a great conditioner too.


For those who are into running, biking, swimming or any activity that requires a lot of movement from your joints know how the inflammation feels. People who suffer from joint pains also face inflammation. People who are suffering may try having a massage with the Chia Seed Oil. It has Omega-3 which helps in curing pain and inflammation.


Especially for the people who are suffering from the dry eye syndrome, make Chia seed oil unrefined your new friend. A research was held in India where it was declared that if you give a daily dose of Omega-3 to the victim of dry eye syndrome, it will improve the symptoms quickly.

Want to prevent saggy eyes? Apply Chia seed oil at night before you sleep. You will see the change within few days.
These are some of the reasons why you should add Chia seed oil unrefined to your beauty regime.


Interested in more recipes? Email us for more Chia Seed Oil recipes ideas or call and speak directly with our formulist for specific recipes.




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