Vitamin E Hand-Saving Cream Recipe

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Vitamin E Hand-Saving Cream

This is just a classic, hand-saving cream. It’s simple and it works—and it doesn’t have any offensive scent that makes you regret using it for the entire rest of the day. You can buy it already made or you can enjoy to use this recipe to make it by yourself

*You may add some more ingredients in a small percentage like Vitamin C encapsulated or Vitamin A etc…


Raw materialWeight %Weight per OZ/GR
 Phase A
Cream base90 %27
 Phase B
Rosehip oil0.5 %0.14
Fractionated coconut oil0.5 %0.14
Avocado oil3.00 %0.84
Vitamin E1.5 %0.42
Pomegranate seed oil1.5 %0.42
Carrot seed oil1.5 %0.42
Red Raspberry seed oil1.5 %0.42
Phase C
Lavender essential oil0.4 %0.11
Geranium essential oil0.4 %0.11
Rosemary essential oil0.2 %0.055



  • Mix the ingredients in phaseB, add phase C to phase and Maintain a vigorous stirring for 2-3 minutes. Add phase b & c to phase A and Maintain a vigorous stirring for 8-10 minutes
  • You can mix with a kitchen Hand Blender if you don’t have a professional Homogenizer


  • Specially formulated using quality Raw materials & efficient oils of Cocojojo Organic which enhance skin proliferation.


Because this recipe calls for pure essential oils that can cause allergies or irritation if not used properly, always do a patch test before applying. Especially if you are not familiar with some of the ingredients.

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