Solid Sugaring

Solid sugaring is a 100% natural hard sugaring paste made from honey, sugar and lemon juice designed for coarse and short hair in the bikini area and it may be used also for the underarms area. We advise you not to use it if hair is shorter than 1/8 inches. Solid sugaring sticks to the hair more strongly than other kinds of sugaring.

You need to put it in a microwave for 20 seconds, so don’t forget that microwave time varies according to the quantity in the jar.

You should usually test the temperature by applying a very small drop onto your hand before using it on your body. Sugaring should never be more than 90 degree F so please test it with a thermometer to avoid skin burns.

Start with clean and dry skin and it is recommended that you use a pre-treatment sugaring cleanser and sterilized powder to prevent sugaring paste sticking to your skin and to help the sugaring to adhere to your hair. If it is hard for you to see the area on which you are applying it, then we recommend that you work in front of a mirror.

Apply sugaring to a small area against the direction of hair growth and then wait for 20 to 30 seconds before pulling the edge with your fingers. Tightly stretch the skin with 1 hand and with the other in 1 quick movement pull the hard sugaring in the same direction of the hair growth……Repeat if hair is not removed completely.
Solid Sugaring is water soluble so it very easily removed with warm water.

Dry your skin and apply sugaring toner to close pores and then apply sugaring moisturizing serum.

Wait 1 hour and then apply azulene oil to delay the hair growth and to cure irritation if any exists.

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