Papaya Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed


Papaya Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined

Product available in 16 oz – 32 oz – 1 Gallon 



Papaya Seed Oil 100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined

Carica papaya
papaw, pawpaw
Cold pressed, Extra Virgin, Partially Filtered 



Papayas are a tropical nutritious organic product with many uses, and are filled in as dessert “milked” for their papain. At the point when extricated from the papaya seed, the oil has gained some saturating properties.

Its high substance of oleic corrosive likewise makes it a steady cooking oil. It has an orange tint when it is chilly, even though the seeds themselves are little, various and dark. The extraction of papaya oil from seeds of natural organic products developed without pesticides is an approach to diminish utilization of undesirable chemicals.



The oil papaya remove dead skin cells avoiding the appearance of skin spots and pimples. In addition, it will provide a smooth and smooth appearance and will serve to burn and irritate the skin. It will help fight wrinkles and skin aging.

In addition, we can produce natural cosmetics recipes with papaya vegetable oil to reduce pores and homemade soaps to achieve radiant skin.

The vegetable oil papaya is used in the preparation of masks for different facial scrubs remove dead cells. In addition, we will find papaya masks against acne, to nourish the skin, to lighten it and give it a soft texture.

Papaya oil for hairWe can make papaya oil masks for hair to get a strong and shiny hair being a great repaired open ends and badly treated hair.

Properties of papaya for the skin, with ideal benefits to eliminate dead cells and to heal tissues with both wounds and scars.

We must not forget that these dead cells tend to clog pores, so that in addition to causing the appearance of spots, can influence the appearance of pimples and granites.

It is also useful in treating wounds, helping to heal scarred tissues.



Unknown in the wild, the species Carica papaya probably originated from a spontaneous cross between two other native species. Without absolute certainty, it would seem to come from the lowlands of eastern Central America.



The papaya seed oil is produced passing through a cold pressed method of extraction and it is partially filtered to have the best result.

*It’s important to note that being on this list doesn’t promise that it will work for your skin type.* Our skin will decide which oil it likes the most and remember that skin takes two weeks to turn over so anything that pops up between week 1-2 was probably already going to happen.



Like other substances that are high in fat, carrier oils have a limited shelf life. Meaning that eventually they will go bad. It’s important to store oils in their original air-tight containers in a cool, dark place, such as the pantry, to maximize shelf life.

All containers that we use are BPA and GMO free. Bottles less than 16oz are not sealed.

*Product image and label may vary from actual product received.


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16oz | 32 oz | 1 gallon

16oz, 32 oz, 1 gallon