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Makeit EasyCream


  • Very easy way to create a stable cream or lotion.
  • Glyceryl stearate is created by the esterification of glycerin and stearic acid. and then combined with Peg 100 to add the final stability of the emulsion, increasing the emulsions ability to absorb additional ingredients such as essential oils and colorings.
  • Vegetable derived.

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Makeit EasyCream – Emulsifying blend for making oil-in-water emulsions

Makeit EasyCream stable self-emulsifying wax – an optimized blend of glyceryl stearate and nonionic PEG ester. Co-Emulsifier for W/O and O/W emulsions. Modifies viscosity and improves stability of emulsion. It forms highly stable oil-in-water emulsions with excellent appearance and feel. It is often used with cetearyl alcohol or other fatty alcohols (as thickeners) in formulations!

Makeit EasyCream is a solid and waxy compound. Makeit Easycream is a self-emulsifying, and thickening blend of emulsifiers including glyceryl stearate (48-52%) & Polyoxyethylene stearate 48-52%). Off-white flakes, odorless. Water-insoluble, dispersible in water & oil. Saponification value 90-100. HLB Value: 11.2 (gives oil-in-water emulsions). pH Value: 5.5-7 (3% solution).

CAS No: 123-94-4; 11099-07-3; 31566-31-1; 85666-92-8, 9004-99-3


Glyceryl stearate, Polyoxyethylene stearate


Self-emulsifying emulsifier blend for highly stable and elegant oil-in-water emulsions with great skin feel does not require the aid of other emulsifiers, provides excellent appearance & feel, has also thickening & solubilizing properties (stabilizes essential oils).


1-6% For external use only. (Up to 25% for hair products)


All kinds of cosmetics requiring emulsification as lotions, creams, gels

While some self-emulsifiers can thicken a lotion made without butters, fatty acid or alcohol waxes, or water phase thickeners like xanthan gum, Makeit EasyCream  will not.  The job of an emulsifier is to combine oil in water in a stable mixture and this Makeit EasyCream  does very well.

For a thick texture you need to use thickener like xanthan gum, butter, etc…

TIP: Makeit EasyCream is ideal for creating buttery formulations when combined with fatty alcohols and water-phase thickeners.


Glyceryl stearate 48-52%

Polyoxyethylene stearate 48-52%
Appearance: Off White Flakes
Solubility: Soluble in oil
SAP Value: 90-110
Melt Point: 54° – 60°C (129° – 140°F)
HLB: 11.2


Heat the glyceryl stearate & Peg 100 to 60c – 70c within the oil stage of your formulations. Ensure the glyceryl stearate & Peg 100 is fully dissolved into your oil stage (use agitation if required) in order to minimize the risk of graininess in your final formulation.


An emulsifier is an ingredient that breaks the surface tension between the oil and water – a tension so great these two liquids don’t want to mix – and brings them together. The water attaches to the hydrophilic or water loving head of the emulsifier, while the oil attaches to the lipophilic or fat loving tail. If the oil is surrounded by the emulsifier to create a ball or micelle that floats in a sea of water, this is an oil-in-water lotion because the larger phase is the water. If the water was in the micelle, it would be a water-in-oil recipe because the oil is the larger phase.


This information on regulatory clearances is believed to be accurate and is given in good faith as a guide to the global use of our products. No representation or warranty as to its completeness or accuracy is made. Users are responsible for determining the suitability of these products for their own particular purpose.


At pure usage levels it can cause irritation to the skin.

When blending always take the following precautions:

Use gloves (disposable is ideal)

Take care when handling hot oils

Wear eye protection

Work in a well-ventilated room

Keep ingredients and hot oils away from children

If ingested, seek immediate medical advice

If contact made with eyes, rinse immediately with clean warm water and seek medical advice if in any doubt.


In addition to our precautions and general safety information, we always recommend keeping a first aid kit nearby. You are working with hot water and oils, accidents can happen, so always be prepared!


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