Cocojojo Brazilian Soft Sugaring Kit 22 oz


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22 Oz Cocojojo Brazilian Soft Sugaring+100 Non Woven Strips + 2 Oz After Sugaring Toner+2 Oz After Sugaring Moisturizing Serum+2 Oz Pre-sugaring Cleanser +2 Oz Sterilized Sugaring Powder+3 Spatulas 100% Natural Paste Sugaring Hair Remover. 100% natural Natural Ingredients.

100% natural AND NATURAL

Ancient Egyptian art of body sugaring is a method of hair removal practiced in ancient Egypt by using sugar to remove hair follicle from the root. The result from this treatment can last until six weeks.  Sugaring can take out large amount of hair at once, even faster than waxing. Sugaring work faster by applying paste to a very large area, and it won’t dry out, even if you take it off in smaller sections. Sugaring is also easy to clean up


  • 22 Oz Cocojojo Soft Sugaring Jar
  • 100 natural cotton Strips 
  • 2 Oz After Sugaring Toner
  • 2 Oz After Sugaring Moisturizing Serum
  • 2 Oz Pre-sugaring Cleanser 
  • 2 Oz Sterilized Sugaring Powder
  • 3 Spatulas 

Soft Sugaring

Soft Sugaring, also known as Brazilian sugaring is a 100% natural sugaring paste made from honey, sugar, and lemon juice. Soft sugaring is designed for sensitive skin areas. It can be used for underarms and even the face… including eyebrows.

How to Use Soft Sugaring:

1.    Make sure you have clean and dry skin. We recommend you use Cocojojo Sugaring Cleanser and Sugaring Sterilized Powder to complete the drying process and sterilize the skin.

2.    If the weather is cold you may have difficulty getting the sugaring out of the jar. Warm the container for a few seconds in a microwave or place the entire container in warm water.

3.    Apply sugaring in a cool room or in front of a fan. Try to provide the best environment to avoid sweating during the sugaring process. Sweating makes the process harder and can cause irritation. Always check the temperature of your sugaring before applying. It should be slightly warm, not hot. (80 F / 27 C)

4.    Once you have cleaned and dried the skin… use a tongue depressor to apply a thin layer of sugaring, against hair growth.

5.    Work Slowly.

6.    Apply the cotton strip and press firmly into skin.

7.    Rub the strip a few times to ensure sugaring has absorbed into strip.

8.    Tightly stretch skin with one hand and with 1 swift movement, pull the strip in the direction for the hair growth.

Whenever you feel sweaty add the appropriate amount of sugaring powder then continue sugaring. Sugaring is water soluble. We also strongly recommend using Sugaring Toner, to close your pores. Using Sugaring Serum and/or Azulene Oil to moisturize and reduce irritation, if any. Azulene Oil also delays future hair growth.

What about clean-up after Sugaring?

After you’ve finished with your hair removal process, clean-up is easy… All you need is warm WATER! Think about it. When you mix sugar with warm water, it dissolves. It’s just that simple.

CLICK HERE for Video Tutorials on Sugaring Techniques

Some hair growth is needed. 1/16 of an inch is needed when using the traditional technique with the paste, which is about two to five days of hair growth after shaving. Using the gel requires 1/4 inch of hair growth.

Lack of knowledge or cleanliness can lead to disaster. If contraindications (circumstances or conditions when you shouldn’t get sugaring) are simply unknown or ignored, skin could end up extremely red, and even become scabby. 

Note: Waxing yourself can be difficult and trying to remove shorter hair can make it extra tricky. Sugaring requires patience with some trial and error before you get perfect results.  Don’t give up !

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