Firm Sugaring Wax (8 oz) – USDA Certified Organic

Certified Organic Standard Firm Sugar Wax 8 OZ


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Sugaring USDA Certified Organic 8 OZ  Firm Standard Sugar Wax

100% USDA Certified Organic
This is the firm standard sugaring (use by hand) 

Standard Sugaring – Firm Sugaring

CocoJojo offers you the same sugaring technique that Cleopatra used to remove her unwanted hair.

Sugaring is a technique of hair removal for our bodies that is similar to waxing. Sugaring is made from honey sugar and water. As opposed to waxing, sugaring leaves the skin smooth soft and clean, even before aftercare. Our products are created with only the best, all natural ingredients. We guarantee Cocojojo products are free from any harmful ingredients.


Anything anyone does improves through training, so you should realize that you won’t be a sugaring professional starting from the first time you use this procedure. It usually requires 2 to 3 times in order to master sugaring techniques for hair removal.


You need to understand how hair grows from your skin in order to understand how the sugaring technique works. When you shave hair off using a razor, you only remove the hair shaft and the hair quickly regrows thicker and coarser. But when you use the sugaring method of hair removal, hair is removed beneath the epidermis so it takes about 5 to 7 times longer for hair to grow back.


Sometimes there is a very tiny amount of bleeding,  so don’t worry, as this shows  that your hair is removed from the papilla and this should make you  happy, as  any hair removed from the papilla will never grow back again.


The first step to be sugared is to have clean and dry skin; and we also recommend that you  use the sugaring cleanser and sugaring sterilized powder to complete the drying process and sterilize your skin. Do not forget to remove any excess powder. Powder also plays another role, which is preventing sugaring paste to stick to your skin. However, be sure to  allow sugaring to stick to your hair so that it will be stronger and work better.


Apply sugaring in a cool room or in front of a fan. Try to prepare the best environment to avoid sweating during sugaring, as sweating makes the process of sugaring harder and may cause irritation. If it is too hot, sugaring may stick to your skin.


The sugaring solution works best when it is allowed to sit at room temperature for a few hours. If it is too cold it may be hard to get out of the jar and you will need to warm the sugaring for few seconds in a microwave or a hot water basin.


Always check the temperature of the sugaring solution prior to applying. It must be slightly warm, but not hot. (Around 100F.)


Practicing the correct technique of sugaring will help you to absolutely avoid having any residue on the skin. However, if any sugaring solution residue is left over on your skin, don’t worry, as it is easily soluble in water. You can always remove any sugaring solution from your skin using warm water.


If you are going to continue sugaring, remember to dry your skin very well and apply more powder before reapplying more sugaring solution.


If sugaring becomes too sticky,  get a new piece of sugaring and stretch it diagonally over the sticky area and then pull quickly. Whenever you feel sweaty, add the appropriate amount of sugaring powder and then continue sugaring. Do not over add the powder. Though sugaring is the best natural way to remove short hair, very short hair is a little bit harder to remove, so allow a period of growth for at least 6 to 8 days.


Apply sugaring against the direction of hair growth and pull the sugaring in the same direction of hair growth……Repeat if the hair is not removed completely.


It is preferred that you use some toner after sugaring to close your skin pores.

Also, using sugaring serum and azulene oil helps in delaying the future hair growth.

We manufacture 3 kinds of sugaring: soft to use with strips and sometimes a spatula, solid that is left to  dry and then pulled off,

and standard, which can be used with strips, and a spatula in the traditional way.


Let me give you some Tips:


When you receive your jar, place it on a table for at least 30 min before opening.

When you put your jar into a microwave you  should be aware that the down side of the jar is hotter than the top and the middle is hotter than the outside of the jar.

Sugaring is a kind of relation between sugaring paste, your body temperature and room temperature. An example is if the room temperature is so warm that the sugaring solution becomes soft or if the room temperature is so cold that the sugaring becomes hard. Sugaring solution becomes hard at about the same temperature as normal body temperature and it becomes soft and may also stick to your skin. For that reason we recommend that you use sterilized sugaring powder and take the room  temperature into  consideration.

If sugaring solution is too hard you may add 1 drop of hot water and mix it up or you can turn up the heat in the room.


If your body is sweating, the sugaring will not adhere to your hair, so we recommend that you clean your skin and apply sterilized powder and also turn on a fan or air conditioning to get cooled off.



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