Quick Guide- How to use Basil Essential Oil efficiently

Pharmaceutical grade basil essential oilBasil Essential Oil usages is a powerful kind of essential oil which is commonly used in aromatherapy and is known to provide a number of health benefits. Pure basil essential oil originates from the aromatic herb basil, which is grown in India and Europe, where it is commonly known by the name, Tulsi. Basil is also known as the “queen of herbs” as it comprises of very extraordinary and unequaled qualities.


Pure basil essential oil comprises of compounds such as myrcene, y-terpineol, camphor, methyl chavicol, limonene, linalool, etc. We acquire a lot some awesome health benefits, especially because of the fact that this essential oil blends well with a lot of other oils, which make it a highly synergistic blend.

What blends with basil essential oil?

We know what’s going through your mind right now: what blends with basil essential oil? The answer is, a lot of things can be blended with pharmaceutical grade basil essential oil to make diffusers for aromatherapy. The following is a list of recipes you can try to find out what blends with this oil:

To enhance your memory: Blend Basil essential oil with a drop of lemon essential oil and three drops of rosemary essential oil to make a very enhanced memory blend.

Energy Booster: Blend Basil essential oil with three drops of lavender essential oil, five drops of grapefruit essential oil, and two drops of rosemary essential. This blend creates an amazing diffuser to increased energy.

Have oily thin hair? Try this Blend: Blend Pharmaceutical grade basil essential oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Massaging your scalp with this blend for around half an hour before rinsing, has a great impact on the blood flow and circulation of the head, and it will result in less oily hair because the blend works on controlling excess sebum and also strengthens and promotes hair growth.

A few other things that basil essential oil blends well with are cedarwood, bergamot, lemon, black pepper, geranium, fennel, marjoram, neroli, verbena, ginger, etc.

There are a number of health benefits offered by pharmaceutical grade basil essential oil  such as, preventing breakout by reducing excess sebum production, aiding a stuffy nose with a quick  peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil blend and enhancing nail health.

It is very important to remember that basil essential oil is easily one of the toughest essential oils, therefore you need to dilute it before blending with other oils. Never forget to take safety precautions.

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