10 OZ Organic Cold Sugaring Hair Removal – USDA Certified


Wholesale USDA Cold Sugaring Hair Removal 


This is the Cold Sugar (Use with Strips or by Hand) 

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Wholesale Natural USDA Cold Sugaring Hair Removal – 10oz

Wholesale Natural Honey Cold Sugaring is a revolutionary hair removal product. It combines the benefits of hair removal with deep moisturization. This innovative solution not only removes unwanted hair but also leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling incredibly soft after each hair removal session. The hard sugaring paste contains natural honey ingredients, ensuring a gentle and nourishing experience for your skin. Cleaning up the sugar paste is a breeze. Just use water, and you won’t feel sticky or uncomfortable, even if it’s your first time trying natural cold sugar hair removal. Consider adding these other hair care products!


What sets Wholesale Natural Honey Cold Sugaring apart is its versatility. It’s specially designed for sensitive skin areas in both the front and back regions. Making it ideal for use on the bikini line, underarms, and virtually any part of the body. Including also the face and eyebrows. The soft sugaring paste, crafted from a blend of honey, sugar, and lemon juice, adapts to your skin’s temperature. If it starts to solidify, a gentle reheating will return it to its pliable form, making it easy to work with.

Soft sugaring is a paste combining of honey, sugar and lemon juice. Wholesale Natural Honey Cold Sugaring is designed for sensitive skin areas in the front and back. Also you can use it for the underarms area and any part of the body. Even on the face and eyebrows. However soft sugar will start to solidify as the temperature of the sugar begins to cool down.  To make more malleable just reheat slightly and it will change its form, and become less solidified. These Skincare products can greatly improve your skincare routine!

Enhance your overall skincare routine by considering the addition of these exceptional hair care products. Wholesale Natural Honey Cold Sugaring is not just a hair removal solution. It’s a comprehensive approach to achieving smooth, beautiful skin while ensuring your skin’s health and comfort. Say goodbye to traditional, harsh hair removal methods, and say hello to the future of gentle, moisturizing hair removal with Wholesale Natural Honey Cold Sugaring. Your skin will thank you for it.


This is the Natural Cold Sugaring (Use with Strips or by Hand) 

Medium Firm Sugaring

10 OZ natural Honey Cold Sugaring Hair Removal – wholesale price for 10 OZ

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