Brazilian Waxing: Soft Sugaring Hair Removal Kit


Brazilian Wax: Soft Sugaring Kit

  • Great for All Skin Types
  • Great Alternative to Traditional Waxing
  • Brazilian Wax Kit Included
  • Maintain Hair Appearance

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Brazilian Waxing: Soft Sugaring Kit

Brazilian Wax Soft Sugaring Kit hair removal paste is natural, and it is recommended for use on bikini area. Our Brazilian Wax Soft Sugaring Kit is a natural paste from honey and sugar to remove hair follicle from the root. The result from this treatment can last up to six weeks. Brazilian Sugaring Wax is water soluble, and it is very easy to clean up with a little of warm water. It comes with the Toner to close the pores quickly. Consider these other Skincare products to enhance your skincare routine

The sugaring solution works best when it is allowed to sit at room temperature for a few hours. If it is too cold it may be hard to get out and you will need to warm the sugaring for a few seconds. Sometimes there is a very tiny amount of bleeding. But don’t worry, as this shows  that your hair is removing from the papilla. Any hair removed from the papilla will never grow back again. Practicing the correct technique of sugaring will help you to absolutely avoid having any residue on the skin. If any sugaring solution residue is still there, don’t worry, as it is easily soluble in water. You can always remove any sugaring solution from your skin using warm water.

Safety Considerations: While sugaring can be an effective hair removal method, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any potential discomfort or adverse reactions. Many experts recommend performing a patch test on a small area of skin before applying the product to a larger area. That’s for ensuring that there are no adverse reactions.

Overall, the Brazilian Wax Soft Sugaring Kit appears to offer a natural and potentially long-lasting hair removal solution for the bikini area. Users should carefully follow the provided instructions and consider their individual skin sensitivity when using the product.


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About Sugaring

Sugaring is a technique of hair removal for our bodies that is like waxing. The main components of this product are honey, sugar, lemon juice, and water. As opposed to waxing, sugaring leaves the skin smooth soft and clean, even before aftercare. Our products are created with only the best, all natural ingredients. We guarantee Cocojojo products are free from any harmful ingredients. 

Apply sugaring in a cool room or in front of a fan. Try to prepare the best environment to avoid sweating during waxing, as sweating makes the process of sugaring harder. If it is too hot, sugaring may stick to your skin.

The sugaring solution works best when it is allowed to sit at room temperature for a few hours. If it is too cold it may be hard to get out of the jar and you will need to warm it for few seconds. Consider adding some of our essential oils to ensure your getting the best experience.


Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Water.

How to

  • Warm Sugaring in a heater or microwave or hot water like in the videos. Time may vary according to the inside container quantity. If you already used half of the quantity, so make half of the time. Do not overheated.
  • Start with clean and dry skin. We recommend that you use pre-treatment sugaring cleanser and sterilized powder to prevent the sugaring paste sticking to your skin and to help the sugaring adhering to your hair.
  • Apply sugaring to a small area against the direction of hair growth and then put on the strips and press it onto your skin. Rub the strip a few times.
  • Remove any stubborn hair in a circular technique when using this hair removal product or you may just tweeze it.


  • Sugared is a kind of relation between sugaring paste, your body temperature and room temperature. An example is if the room temperature is so warm that the sugaring paste becomes soft. If the room temperature is so cold that the sugaring becomes hard.
  • To avoid swelling or irritation keep room temperature cool.
  • To avoid swelling or bruising avoid lifting skin upward.
  • Slowly apply this hair removal product against you hair growth 3 times with a suitable applicator. Then apply the strips and quickly flick up the sugaring in the same direction of hair growth. Don’t forget the trick is to apply slowly and flick fast.
  • When removing the strip, stretch the skin taut and hold firmly. Flick the edge of the strip and remove in the same direction of hair growth.
  • Arms are 1 of the few places on the body when the hair does not grow down but rather from side to side. apply sugar from the outside of the arm toward the inside.
  • For legs you should apply from the feet upward.

Kit Includes:

8 oz Soft Sugar Wax

2 oz After Sugaring Toner

8 Sugaring Strips

3 Sugaring Spatulas

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