Hair Cooling Oil Recipe

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Hair cooling oil

Feel the benefits after using this. Cocojojo Cooling Hair Oil is a coconut oil enriched with 8 Ayurvedic herbs that impart a cooling effect along with hair nourishment. This hair oil also provides additional benefits such as relief from headaches, long lasting stress and ensures sound sleep. This premium oil combination also reduces stiffness and tightness in the scalp. We all want a healthy hair. With all the damage our hair goes through on a daily basis from pollution, heat, chemical treatments, and poor nutrition, it is hard to find a balanced hair care routine. That is unless you have the right ingredients and oils. This would be a huge relief for everyone who searches for a 100% natural product.

When making this product from scratch there are two mixtures. All materials are added at room temperature.

Raw Materials

Mix 1

18.30 ounces of coconut oil
1.63 ounces of cucumber seed oil
2.40 ounces of Spearmint essential oil
1.28 ounces of Musk Melon oil
0.57 ounces of Almond oil
1.28 ounces of Pumpkin seed oil
1.98 ounces of Rice bran oil
0.14 ounces of Camphor

Mix 2

0.57 ounces of Castor oil
0.20 ounces of perfume



What you need:

2 Glass or stainless steel bowls must require to make this. They should not be heat proof as you will not need to heat up the product in a bain marie or double boiler. You can even use plastic containers. But Glass or stainless steel bowls are more preferred.

Mix 1

Add Coconut in to a clean vessel and add cucumber seed oil, Spearmint oil, Musk melon oil, Almond oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Rice bran oil and camphor one by one. Make sure to stir the mixture after each addition for 2 minutes. Use slow stirring speed.

Mix 2

 Mix perfume and castor oil in a separate vessel and it in to the main mixture. Then it is all done!

How to Use

Apply adequate quantity of Cocojo hair cooling oil to your scalp, hair and massage gently and thoroughly with your fingertips. Use anytime of the day, when it is required. Store in a cool dry place, keep away from sunlight. For external use only. This is a 100% Natural and a 100% organic product.


Because this recipe calls for pure essential oils that can cause allergies or irritation if not used properly, always do a patch test before applying. Especially if you are not familiar with some of the ingredients.

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