Benefits of Using Basil Hydrosol

What is basil hydrosol?

Understanding what is basil hydrosol will help with how you decide to use it. Basil is commonly known as Tulsi; it is one of the oldest herbs found in India. Basil has been used for both, culinary and medicinal purposes for many centuries. Hydrosol is one of the useful extracts of basil. This extract is a pure water that contains the aroma and the medicinal properties of the herb.

Basil hydrosol is the produced during the steam distillation of essential oil of basil. There are two kinds of basil: holy basil, and sweet basil. It can be acquired from both types of basil essential oils.

Are you wondering what are the benefits of basil hydrosol? The herb is rich in Vitamin A, iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Many believe Basil has the ability to prevent various health conditions. However, its benefits are just not limited to medicinal, there are many other benefits of this wonderful herb. 

Basil LeavesBasil Hydrosol benefits:

Bug Repellent

One of the most common uses of basil hydrosol is for keeping the bugs away. While we may find the scent enjoyable, bugs are not fond of the smell. You can spray it on your skin to repel the bugs and mosquitoes. Many residents in Southern California are suffering from a slight mosquito invasion with intense bites, and they may find basil helps keep them away.

Toner for Oily Skin

This hydrosol is good for oily skin as it has astringent properties. It has the capability to tighten your skin and enhance your skin tone. This will even make your skin look younger as it will shrink the large pores and firm your skin. It works as a natural cleanser for your skin.

Good for Youthful Skin

You can use basil hydrosol for achieving a youthful-looking skin. It contains antioxidants that will provide your skin with a firm look. Use it to make facial mist or a toner for aging skin. You can even massage it on your skin to make your skin appear glowing and shiny.

Improves Mood

The basil hydrosol has a refreshing scent that will cleanse and sharpen your mind. Basil is known commonly for aromatherapy use and adding to culinary dishes for a boost of scent. You can spray it around the room to enjoy its aroma.

Therefore, it is a great extract that offers you an abundance of benefits. You can use it to have younger-appearing and clear skin. This is the reason why it can be found in plenty of cosmetics. It is a great way to improve your mood.

To get the benefits of this herb, you should buy the hydrosol from a reputed brand as they will offer you best-quality product.

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