Apricot is more commonly known as a fruit with a tangy and honey-like taste. Its kernel is used to make the unrefined oil which has a nutty and deep scent. It can be used for skin care, massaging, or even in desserts! Apricots are grown in many countries. However the largest producer of them is Turkey, even though they are said to be native to Armenia.

When buying unrefined apricot kernel oil, it is always suggested to choose the oil which is cold pressed. Cold pressed oils don’t lose their nutrients in the extraction.

Apricot KernelThis pure oil has many properties. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-aging and an antioxidant. Here are the benefits of unrefined apricot kernel oil:

  • Skin

When applied on the skin, pure apricot kernel oil does not leave your skin with a greasy feeling. It gets absorbed into the skin. This helps moisturize your skin for a long time and keeps it soft and supple. This oil is also used to get rid of skin irritation as it is light on the skin and spreads easily.

This oil is loaded with fatty acids such as oleic and linoleic acid and also contains Vitamin A. This is what gives this pure oil its skin softening properties. It also helps prevent the skin from getting wrinkly and aging too fast. It helps the skin retain its collagen and helps get rid of acne problems.

However due to its revitalizing properties, pure apricot kernel oil is much preferred to be used for massaging or aromatherapy.

  • Hair

Because pure apricot kernel oil has softening properties, it is also used on the hair to give it a shiny look and silky and soft feel. It does not make the hair oily and greasy. Rather it helps de-tangle your hair to make them more manageable and nourish the scalp. This helps get rid of the dandruff and dryness from the scalp. And because of the Vitamin E contained in pure apricot kernel oil, it helps to promote hair growth as well.

  • Under-Eyes And Face

When mixed with a cream and applied on the skin near the under eyes, pure apricot kernel oil can help get rid of dark circles and strengthen the skin in that region. It can also help get rid of wrinkles around that area.

Apricot kernel oil can also help to nourish the skin on your face and give you a fair and glowing skin tone.

Unrefined apricot kernel oil created for cosmetic purposes have a greater shelf life. Which is exactly why it shouldn’t be used for culinary purposes. Unrefined apricot kernel oil can also be used in place of almond oil if you are allergic to nuts. Unlike Argan oil, unrefined apricot kernel oil is supposed to have a light color with a very thin texture. All the sediments will be removed.

For some people, apricots can cause oral allergy syndrome. Such a syndrome is also caused by apples or almonds. If you are allergic to an apricot fruit, consult your doctor before using unrefined apricot kernel oil or apricot oil.