Anti- Perspiring Herbal Liquid Deodorant Recipe

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Anti- Perspiring Herbal Liquid Deodorant

Commercial antiperspirants contain many synthetic chemicals which are toxic. Some of which have been shown to be cancer causing compounds. So here is your solution. Cocojo Anti- perspiring herbal liquid deodorant included with natural herbals which help to counteract perspiration, and act as natural deodorants .This fast-drying, anti-stain formula Provides long-lasting odour protection and easy fingertip application. Heavily Fragranced with a Natural herbal scent.

When making this product from scratch there are two mixtures. Entire procedure is being done at room temperature.

Raw Materials

Ingredient percentage Weight/g Weight/oz Volume/tsp
Mix 1        
Ethyl alcohol 58.750 58.750 2.056 11.750
Glycerin 8.000 8.000 0.280 1.600
Mix 2
Polysorbate 80 5.000 5.000 0.175 1.000
Perfume 2.000 2.000 0.070 0.400
Bergamot essential oil 0.750 0.750 0.026 0.150
Cinnamon essential oil 0.400 0.400 0.014 0.080
Clove essential oil 0.750 0.750 0.026 0.150
cypress essential oil 0.750 0.750 0.026 0.150
Eucalyptus essential oil 0.750 0.750 0.026 0.150
Lavender essential oil 0.300 0.300 0.011 0.060
Lemon grass essential oil 0.100 0.100 0.004 0.020
Orange essential oil 0.200 0.200 0.007 0.040
Patchouli essential oil 0.500 0.500 0.018 0.100
Tamanu oil 0.750 0.750 0.026 0.150
Thyme essential oil 0.500 0.500 0.018 0.100
Di water 20.500 20.500 0.718 4.100


What you need:

2 Glass or stainless steel bowls must require to make this. it should not need to be heat proof as you will not need to heat up the product in a bain marie or double boiler.

2 utensils for mixing.

 Mix 1

Add Ethyl alcohol in to a clean vessel and add Ethanol. Add glycerin while maintaining slow rate.

 Mix 2

Add polysorbate 80 in to a clean vessel and add Perfume, Bergamot essential oil, Clove essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil , cypress essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Lemon grass essential oil, Orange essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Tamanu oil and Thyme essential oil  one by one. Make sure to rotate after each addition. Add this in to the main mixture while maintaining slow stirring. Finally add Di water slowly.

All done!

How to Use

It is better to roll the deodorant under your armpit and then wait as long as possible to get dressed. If you put it on right before putting your shirt on, you’re much more likely to get white marks on your clothing. Apply an adequate amount of   deodorant slowly and thoroughly. Start at the center of your armpit and work your way outward in all directions until your underarm is completely covered. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

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