Add Apple Kernel Oil to your new skin care regime

Depending on whom you ask, when the question of whether oils such as pure apple kernel oil are really a good call for our skins or not, most people either get excited about sharing their good experiences or they move away in disgust and tell you stories of how oils ruined their skins forever. This makes us wonder even more about whether oils for skin are really a road to ruins or not.

Living in a world which is so scarringly strict about beauty standards, it gets difficult to be fearless in your skin, notably if you endure skin conditions suchlike hormonal and cystic acne, blemishes, etc. You don’t want to willingly take the risk of causing any damage to your skin by trying new skin products. Therefore, you have to do your research and test many  before starting a new skincare routine, or adding a new product into your regime.

We will now discuss whether oils, especially pure apple kernel oil, are actually good for the skin or not.


Natural apple seed oil, or pure apple kernel oil as we sometimes call it nowadays, is a yellow to green colored oil that has been around for almost 1000 years, evicted from evicted from seeds of apples and is studied and proved to be healthy for the skin. Apple seed oil face benefits include being a godsend for especially those who fancy flawless skins.


There are a number of reasons for which natural apple seed oil can be used for, such as:

  • Apple seed oil face benefits contain protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Another advantage of natural apple seed oil is that it is a lifesaver for people with skins so sensitive that they cannot even step out in the day because their skin might get sun burnt.
  • Apple seed oil can be used for moisturizing the skin cells because of the addition of palmitic and linoleic acids, which form and maintain a lipid barrier of our skin and help in turning it into a powerful emollient, which is a substance which gives moisture to the skin and also hinders its escape from the skin. Therefore, natural apple seed oil should be used on all those areas of the skin which are prone to dryness and coarseness such as the face, hands, ankles, etc.
  • Another of apple seed oil face benefits include improving collagen activation, which is a protein extremely important for the appearance, protection and fitness of our skin.
  • This oil can be used for slowing down the aging processes of our skin by improving its gentleness and elasticity.  
  • Another addition to apple seed oil face benefits is that it has cleansing qualities which also provide nutrition to cells and act as rejuvenating agents.
  • One of the best ways to remove make up.
  • Used for is exfoliation, which is a crucial step if we want to cleanse our skin of oil and dirt.
  • One of the biggest benefits of pure apple kernel oil is that it is a lifesaver for people with acne because it treats spots and blemishes with its large quantity of antioxidants which also lighten scars and brighten skin.

In conclusion, pure apple kernel oil is a wonderful oil to add to your skincare regimen. If you are looking to buy high grade pure apple kernel oil, check out some of our high quality products.

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